Become your perfect weight

There are many reasons why people are overweight.  There may be subconscious  messages from childhood to ‘clear the plate’ (even when not hungry). These messages remain with you  into adulthood. There may be many underlying emotions and outdated messages that linger in you subconscious mind, messages that are no longer relevant or helpful  to you in your life now.

It is also recognised that STRESS is a major player in people who struggle with their weight. dealing with stress is a major factor in helping you, not just with your weight but with you general well-being, health and happiness.

Years of being overweight can lead to a myriad of health problems and low self esteem.

Hypnotherapy & NLP has been used for many years to assist with changing negative responses and emotional eating patterns.

There are many techniques that I can teach clients to manage cravings and other negative feelings. Techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (some times know as EFT or Tapping)

Additionally, with the advent of a hypnotic gastric band we aim to convince the subconscious mind that a real gastric band has been fitted to give the feeling of fullness and satisfaction.

If you have an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia and would like to have therapy it is advisable to discuss your intentions with your doctor in the first instance.