Despite greater understanding over the years, smoking still continues to contribute to major ill health problems.

Smoking is an addiction, physical and emotional. However the evidence is there, many millions of people have quit for good. This is proof there that it is possible to overcome this habit, whatever method has been used. Whether it’s hypnosis, nicotine replacement patches, cessation groups or cold turkey.

I think that many of those who have quit will tell you that there were moments of discomfort as the nicotine leaves their body to create cravings. The good new is, that cravings are a sign your body is on the path to recovery and that they only last for a short time. Cravings signify dropping levels of nicotine in the bloodstream and they will eventually stop altogether. However, it is sometimes social situations or crises that will trigger the ex-smoker to start again, this is a remembered coping strategy. With Hypnotherapy one can learn new strategies and NLP patterns for coping.

If you really want to quit, hypnotherapy may be for you but you must really want this change from the outset.

The important thing about stopping smoking is that the smoker has really got to be ready to stop. The desire to stop has to arise from within the smoker themselves.

If you think you are ready, ask yourself the following questions-

How do I know I am ready?

What is it that tells me I am are ready?

Are there any major or stressful events coming up in the immediate future? As it will probably be best to wait till this event is over.

What will be different about my life when I am a non-smoker?

Can I imagine never having another cigarette in my life again?

What will happen if I don’t quit?

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