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Why keep your life on hold?
Many people plod unhappily through life suffering conditions such as anxieties, phobias, eating disorders, the list is endless. Sometimes suffering to the extent that they feel they are just existing. Always promising themselves they will do something about it later….. when they get time ……and meanwhile their quality of life is deteriorating.

Is this YOU?
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Remaining calm and dealing with stress

Although a little bit of stress is important, e.g. it helps us get out of bed in the morning but too much is not good.

Too much stress accounts for so many of the physical and psychological problems people face today.

When a healthy strain becomes an unhealthy stress we begin to find it hard to think clearly and to focus on the things we once found easy.

Learn to turn stress into a positive force and you can use this energy for the good.


Low mood and depression therapy.

Life events can cause our mood to change, often decreasing motivation, self esteem and self worth.

Hypnotherapy and NLP might help you to get back on track

If you think you have depression or a psychological disorder you should always discuss this with your doctor in the first instance.


Become your perfect weight

There are many reasons why people are overweight.  There may be subconscious  messages from childhood to ‘clear the plate’ (even when not hungry). These messages remain with you  into adulthood. There may be many underlying emotions and outdated messages that linger in you subconscious mind, messages that are no longer relevant or helpful  to you in your life now.

It is also recognised that STRESS is a major player in people who struggle with their weight. dealing with stress is a major factor in helping you, not just with your weight but with you general well-being, health and happiness.

Years of being overweight can lead to a myriad of health problems and low self esteem.

Hypnotherapy & NLP has been used for many years to assist with changing negative responses and emotional eating patterns.

There are many techniques that I can teach clients to manage cravings and other negative feelings. Techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (some times know as EFT or Tapping)

Additionally, with the advent of a hypnotic gastric band we aim to convince the subconscious mind that a real gastric band has been fitted to give the feeling of fullness and satisfaction.

If you have an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia and would like to have therapy it is advisable to discuss your intentions with your doctor in the first instance.


Facing your fears.

It is normal to feel fear and anxiety when presented with a real threat to life. A phobia however, is an irrational over reaction to something that may pose no real threat at all e.g bird, dogs, cotton wool, spiders the list is endless.

There are lots of different reasons as to why and how phobias develop and you may have no idea how it started or even remember when.

Phobias can be ‘simple’ and might be helped in as few as three to six session or they may be ‘complex’ and this may require longer term work.

Some people wake every morning with feelings of anxiety and they are unable to identify a cause. Some people suddenly start to feel anxious and have no idea why. This is because the cause of the anxiety is outside of their conscious level of awareness. Hypnotherapy can be used as an endeavour to uncover the unconscious causative factors and bring about a resolution or help you to view things in a different way.


Pain management techniques.

Chronic pain is debilitating, may lead to depression. Side effects of medication may be unpleasant. Some pain may not readily respond to conventional medication and this is where hypnotherapy may help.

Factors affecting the chronic pain sufferer can result in time lost from work, negative impact on social and family life and feelings of isolation.

Hypnotherapy may be able to help you to cope better with painful symptoms.

If you wish to use hypnotherapy to help manage pain then in the first instance it is very important that you have had your pain investigated by a doctor.  You must also discuss your desire to try hypnotherapy with the doctor.


Motivate your way to success.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”- This is a NLP presupposition

Have you ever caught yourself saying negative things like “I can’t do this” or “everything always goes wrong for me”.  Neuro Linguistic Programming  can be used to help you to change the patterns of your internal dialogue, so that you may focus instead, on what can go well, rather than focusing on what can go wrong. Simply by changing this perspective can change your feelings about something and produce very beneficial side effects.

When you start to speak differently to yourself you may be surprised just how much this could improve your motivation.


Improve your self-esteem

Many people go through life with fragile self esteem that ebbs away easily at the slightest challenge and for others losing confidence and self esteem can be a crushing experience.

Increasing self esteem and confidence helps in all sorts of situations whether at work, making presentations, public speaking, standing up for yourself and generally feeling good.

When your self esteem is good, your communications improve and the feedback from others is more positive. This then feeds into yourself belief system, increasing your self-worth.

Using a combination of Hypnotherapy and powerful NLP techniques may help you.


Giving up smoking?

Despite greater understanding over the years, smoking still continues to contribute to major ill health problems.

If you really want to quit, hypnotherapy may be for you but you must really want this change from the outset.

The important thing about stopping smoking is that the smoker has really got to be ready to stop. The desire to stop has to arise from within the smoker themselves.